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Map of Stages

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Friday, April 28

subject to change
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Saturday, April 29 Schedule

subject to change
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Food & Dinning

Food & Dinning

Sociology Coffee - Jazz Specials

$8.50 - 1/2 House Sandwich (Turkey or Ham, Cheddar or Pepperjack) on housemade sourdough with a side of chips:

$12.00 -  Jazz Fest Panito (Special just for this weekend) Our take on a New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwich, but on a tortilla (grilled): Ham, Salami, Cheese, and a Giardiniera

Q'Bole - Jazz Special

$12.00 - 2 street tacos with a choice of grilled chicken or steak with a can of soda.

Folsom Café - Jazz Specials

$15.00 - $16.00 - Sandwich, Chip, and Drink (soda, bottled water, or drip coffee) 

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